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  廠商  Maxdata
  地址  HR B 5552, AG Gelsenkirchen, USt-Id-Nr./VAT REG No. DE 812700062
  電話  49 2365 952-0
  傳真  49 2365 952-2005
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    MAXDATA belongs to the largest hardware producers in Europe. The company has gained this position above all thanks to its clear business model. The business model is based mostly on three principles:<br><br> <br><br>Concentration on the business clientele: The range of products and services MAXDATA offers is exclusively oriented to the requirements of the business clientele. One essential reason for MAXDATA’s attractiveness in this market is its leadership in BTO/BTC production. BTO production allows IT systems to be configured to customers’ individual needs in best time at standard costs. <br>Indirect sales structure: MAXDATA sells its products exclusively through a broad network of highly qualified sales partners. Thus, MAXDATA ensures an excellent service and consultation quality, realizes a high market penetration and can quickly adapt its range of products and services to changed market needs. <br>Two-brand strategy: MAXDATA serves the market with two successful brands which are independent of each other: MAXDATA for servers, notebooks, and PC systems and Belinea for TFT displays and CRT monitors. Both brands represent high quality and products which meet individual needs. <br><br>1987 MAXDATA Computer GmbH is founded by Holger Lampatz. With a turnover target of 8 million EUR after five years, the company sells monitors and graphics cards to the trade. <br>1990 Start of production of personal computers. 40 employees generate a turnover of 22 million EUR. <br>1991 MAXDATA introduces the monitor brand “Belinea”. The business year closes with a turnover of 31 million EUR. <br>1992 MAXDATA adds own notebooks to its product range. Five years have passed since the company was founded: 70 employees achieve a turnover of 51 million EUR. <br>1994 MAXDATA is market leader for monitors in Germany only four years after introduction of the monitor brand Belinea.<br>The company achieves certification according to ISO 9001.<br>Metro AG indirectly acquires a 51 percent holding in MAXDATA through VOBIS Microcomputer AG: the turnover rises to 99 million EUR. <br>1995 The first foreign sales company is founded in Austria and marks the begin of sales activities throughout Europe. The turnover rises to 195 million EUR. <br>1996 MAXDATA starts operating in Switzerland. The total turnover for the group now amounts to 344 million EUR. <br>1997 MAXDATA acquires Peacock AG and launches sales companies in Great Britain and the Netherlands. Turnover in the 10th year of business now runs at 593 million EUR. <br>1998 After successful restructuring, Peacock AG is sold to Actebis Holding GmbH at the end of the year. 571 employees achieved a total turnover of 856 million EUR.<br>Metro AG transfers its indirect investment in MAXDATA to CBA Computer Handels- und Beteiligungs mbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of DIVACO Beteiligungs AG. <br>1999 As of January 1st, MAXDATA purchases the production and real estate of VOBIS Microcomputer AG in Würselen, near Aachen.<br>Reorganization of the MAXDATA group, with MAXDATA AG as the group holding. On September 9th, the company is quoted on the “Neuer Markt”. The number of employees rises to 1,205 due to the take-over of the VOBIS production. Turnover rises to 1.116 billion EUR in the year of the IPO. A new sales company is established in France.<br> <br>2000 The reorganization of the group is concluded. The number of employees rises to 1,305. MAXDATA shuts down the OEM business, i.e. the production of hardware for other trademarks. As a result, turnover falls to 952,2 million EUR, in spite of the increase in the core business. <br>2001 System conversion to SAP/R3 throughout the group helps to slim down procedures and leads to improved throughput times in the BTO/BTO production. Furthermore, the provision of a uniform framework enables decisive progress to be made in the internationalization of the group. 1,222 employees achieved a turnover of 752 million EUR. <br>2002 National subsidiaries are established in Spain and Poland. <br>2003 The MAXDATA share is admitted to the "Prime Standard". MAXDATA expands its international sales activities evenfuther: A new sales company starts business in Italy. <br>2004 Employment pact ensures competitiveness: The employees agree extending the working hours to 41 hours a week for the same salary and are forgoing two vacation days. <br>2005 MAXDATA achieves the highest sales volume ever with servers, desktops and notebooks as well as Belinea TFT displays. This success is confirmed by the the market research institute GfK: With a 10 percent share of the total monitor market, Belinea is market leader in Germany – and has been already for 10 years!<br>The hardware manufacturer invests in a new picking facility at the production site Würselen in order to increase its production capacity. Thanks to the new plant, MAXDATA can now produce up to 600 computers per hour. <br>2006 MAXDATA is expanding abroad: The company focuses on the distribution in order to open new markets in Europe. It is now represented via this distribution channel in Sweden and Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Russia as well as in Turkey. MAXDATA products are now available in 27 countries.<br>In conjunction with Microsoft, MAXDATA founds the project "IT-Brücke" (viz IT bridge) in order to support social and cultural organizations with hardware and software. <br>

  Maxdata MAXDATA筆記本產品排行
MAXDATA Belinea 1(1.2GHz 威盛C7-M ULV/1G/80G) 筆記本
MAXDATA Belinea 1(1.2GHz 威盛C7-M ULV/1G/80G) 筆記本
  處理器品牌:VIA  標準內存容量:1GB  硬盤容量(GB):80  標稱主頻(MHz):1200  內存類型:DDR2 
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