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Sonim Technologies
  廠商  Sonim Technologies
  地址  1825 S. Grant Street San Mateo, CA 94402 United States
  電話  +1.650.378.8100
  傳真  +1.650.378.8109
  郵編  -
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    Sonim Technologies is the provider of the world's most rugged, water-submersible mobile phones designed specifically for workers in demanding and hazardous environments. <br><br> We specialize in workforce-critical communication tools for vertical industries including construction, security guarding, oil, gas and chemical operations, utilities, transportation and logistics, forestry, agriculture and defense. <br><br> Sonim has partnered with industry leading application developers to provide a suite of high-performance workforce-critical applications such as push-to-talk, lone worker/man-down safety services, mobile resource management and time and activity verification. Our solutions enable companies and governments to make their field workforces safe, efficient and accountable. <br><br> Sonim phones are backed by a three-year comprehensive warranty, covering not only manufacturing defects, but even accidental damage. Sonim is also the international leader in intrinsically safe phones, devices certified to operate in potentially explosive atmospheres. <br><br> The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California and offers its products in over 50 countries.

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Sonim XP3300 手機
Sonim XP3300 手機
  手機類型:直板式  手機制式:GSM  手機頻段:GSM(850/900/1800/1900MHz)  手機特色:三防 
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